Ravenburger’s Villainous Gets The Marvel Treatment

Ravenburger’s Villainous Gets The Marvel Treatment

Get Yourself Infinite Power

Ravensburger’s surprise hit Disney Villainous has been given a Might Marvel Makeover!  The Tripwire gang are massive fans of the Disney version, but this looks much more up our collective streets.  Review when we get it…

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power (By Ravensburger), RRP £34.99, Available August
Dominate the Marvel Universe as an iconic comic book villain in this new extension of the Villainous game franchise. Each villain follows a unique path to victory and uses different abilities to face other villains and mighty heroes from across the universe. Choose to embody Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Killmonger or Taskmaster and then move to different locations within your domain – all while dealing twists of fate to your opponents from a shared fate deck. Age 12+, 2 – 4 players. Around 20 minutes playing time per player

Marvel Villainous is out from August

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