Recreating The Original TARDIS For The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Recreating The Original TARDIS For The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Still Bigger On The Inside

♦ This week saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special on BBC and here’s how they recreated the original TARDIS courtesy of the BBC…

Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay take us through the very last moments of the Twelfth Doctor. Here’s a few things that Moffat said about the new series and Whittaker from a Radio Times chat

1. The show has been preparing for a female Doctor for quite some time: “I always used to ask at conventions and talks: “How many of you would like that?” Or not. And making it clear this is not about your politics or feminism. It’s just about would you like it. At the beginning very few people were that keen, but every time I asked, more people liked it. At a “wisdom of crowds” level, it was moving that way.”

2. Doctor Who did foreshadow this with The Master and Missy: “And everybody went with that. It seemed to me the last piece of the puzzle because no one has any problem at all that being the same character. Everybody accepted that Michelle Gomez was the new Master. We did the Time Lord general regenerating into a black woman and we’ve had several references to the Doctor not being entirely clear whether he’s always been a man and on occasion whether he’s a man at the moment.”

3. Moffat has met Whittaker: “Only recently. A few weeks ago I bumped into her at the theatre. I wondered if she was going to be a bit serious, because the Doctor has to be funny, but when you meet Jodie, she is a fireball of mischief and irreverence. I think she’ll be brilliant as the Doctor.”

4. The transition between Moffat and new showrunner Chris Chibnall has been fairly smooth:”We all left and they arrived, in brutal terms. For a while they were just down the corridor and I would go and see them sometimes and they were lovely. Last time in 2009 it really was the case of Russell [T Davies] and Julie [Gardner] going and me already being there with largely the same team.”

5. Now that Moffat has left Doctor Who, he doesn’t think he will return to the show even just to write anything for it in future:”I think I will draw a line under it. I mean I’ve written more than anybody else, not even by a small margin now. More than Russell, more than Terrance Dicks in terms of actual televised minutes. But what fogs it up is all the rewriting. Terrance might seem quite low on the list if you look at the ones he’s credited for, but he rewrote all the Jon Pertwee stories. I also did tons of rewriting, as did Russell.”

To read the other five things from Moffat, here’s the link to the piece in full


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