RIP Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle

RIP Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle

Goodbye To A Master Batman Artist

♦ The sad news reached us yesterday that Norm Breyfogle, responsible for a memorable run on Batman and Detective Comics in the 1980s with John Wagner and Alan Grant, has just passed away at the age of 58…

Breyfogle, born in 1960, came to prominence as the artist on DC’s Detective Comics with writers John Wagner and Alan Grant. He then went on to work with Alan Grant as sole writer and he also drew Batman in the Shadow of The Bat title. As well as drawing Batman, Breyfogle also co-created Prime for Malibu Comics, and drew runs on titles like The Spectre, Anarky, and Life with Archie over his lengthy career.

For many fans and creators alike, Breyfogle was their Batman artist, creating the look of Anarky as well as redesigning The Scarecrow and Robin. There was a dynamism and an energy to his work that made it instantly recognisable. When we read comics when we were much younger, we were definitely fans of Breyfogle’s work on Batman and Detective Comics.

His cause of death has remained private but everyone here at Tripwire wish his family and friends our deepest condolences.


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