RIP Professor Stephen Hawking

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking

Hawking Passes Away

♦ It was reported this morning that Professor Stephen Hawking has just died at the age of 76. So we thought it would be appropriate to remind people of his connection to geek culture with clips from The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek: The Next Generation

Here is the BBC obituary for Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking – who died aged 76 – battled motor neurone disease to become one of the most respected and best-known scientists of his age.

A man of great humour, he became a popular ambassador for science and was always careful to ensure that the general public had ready access to his work.

His book A Brief History of Time became an unlikely best-seller although it is unclear how many people actually managed to get to the end of it.

He appeared in a number of popular TV shows and lent his synthesised voice to various recordings.

Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford on 8 January 1942. His father, a research biologist, had moved with his mother from London to escape German bombing.

Hawking grew up in London and St Albans and, after gaining a first-class degree in physics from Oxford, went on to Cambridge for postgraduate research in cosmology.

BBC Stephen Hawking Obituary

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