Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: Howard Chaykin And David Tischman’s Blackhawk 3000

Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: Howard Chaykin And David Tischman’s Blackhawk 3000

Classic War Heroes With A Twist

♦ Tripwire’s contributing writer Scott Braden gives us his latest in his series of features on comic stories or series that never happened. This week it’s the turn of Howard Chaykin and David Tischman’s Blackhawk 3000 …

Howard Chaykin and David Tischman’s Blackhawk 3000

There is hardly a comic book character that the great Howard Chaykin has not written or drawn. His is a storied career, and he is still bringing the magic to the four-color medium with his latest release, Hey Kids! Comics! from Image. And, as far as what he considers his best work so far, his only answer is, “I have preferences in my career, of course, but we as comics people have to learn the difference between ‘favourite’ and ‘best.’”

An unpublished title that could very well have made that list was the not-forgotten “Lost Tale” for DC Comics, Blackhawk 3000.

According to Chaykin, who dreamt up Blackhawk 3000 (“. . . how clever, huh?”) with co-writer David Tischman (American Century, Bite Club), he only refers to the project as “a baldly naked attempt to do a miniseries using a preexisting character/concept in a new and/or different way.”

Chaykin then added, “It was – as noted above in regard to ‘…baldly naked…’ – a retelling of the first years of the Second World War in space operatic terms.”

As far as the creative team behind the series, Chaykin remembered, “Scripts were to be by me and David Tischman.  Edited by Peter Tomasi. I was considering doing the artwork.”

Although Chaykin does not recall when the “Lost Tale” was set to be published, nor why it never saw print, he has since moved on to tell a comic book story that no true fan of the medium should go without reading.

“I’m currently working on issues 6 – 11, the second arc, of Hey Kids! Comics!,” said Chaykin, “(which is) a fictional history of comics – in its most reductive sense, Mad Men in the comic book business.  The first five issues are now available in trade paperback and on Comixology.”

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