SDCC: Fear The Walking Dead Trailer

SDCC: Fear The Walking Dead Trailer

Living In A New World

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 comes back on 10 September on AMC and at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, they just issued a trailer for the second half of this season…

In the official Season 3 Comic-Con trailer for Fear the Walking Dead, it’s clear that a friendly face will slip a knife in your back when it’s turned.

Walker and the Nation have come to live at Broke Jaw Ranch with Madison and the Ottos, but water is scarce, tempers are running hot and, eventually, things are going to boil over.

Jake Otto and Walker may want the two groups to work together, but others — like Troy Otto — are less optimistic.

“This whole place is going to be obliterated,” he says.

By the looks the explosive new trailer, he may not be far off.

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