Six Foot Press To Publish Art Of Bill Sienkiewicz Limited Hardcover Book

Six Foot Press To Publish Art Of Bill Sienkiewicz Limited Hardcover Book

Revolutionary Approach

Bill Sienkiewicz has long been one of Tripwire’s favourite artists and this October, Six Foot Press will be publishing the first of three limited edition hardcover books presenting his art in a fine art context. Here’s some details…

Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution, Vol. I (Limited Edition)—the first time the artist’s work and career have been taken out of the context of comic books and evaluated as fine artis a numbered edition of 1,000 copies, each signed by the artist. 

Contained in a fabric-covered clamshell box is a collection of 43 individual deluxe reproductions of previously unpublished paintings, drawings, sketches, and mixed media works from four decades of Sienkiewicz’s notebooks and personal collection as well as other private collections.

A booklet signed by the artist will include a text explaining his influences and techniques and offer his view on the future of comic book art.

Bill Sienkiewicz Revolution vol.1

You can order the book here

Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution, Volume I (Limited Edition)

  1. The book is now available for preorder at

    It’s a truly extraordinary piece of art.

    (Disclaimer: I work at Six Foot, the publisher of the book. But we’re also huge fans of Bill. This book was born from our admiration for his work. We’re beyond excited to see it become a reality!)

  2. No plans for advertising at this point (we’re a tinny publishing house!). We’re hoping that his fans and word-of-mouth will help promote the books. Also, Bill and our team will be at Comic-Con SD next week. If you’re there, please drop by his booth!


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