Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Liam Sharp

Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Liam Sharp

A Very Sharp Operator

Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 is only four months away and here’s a second spotlight post on one of the show’s US based guests, Liam Sharp…

Liam Sharp is a British comic artist and writer. He began as an apprentice to legendary British comic artist Don Lawrence. He cut his teeth working for 2000AD but was quickly noticed there and moved onto Marvel UK where he drew Deaths’s Head II. From there, he drew books like Uncanny X-MenIncredible Hulk, Spider-man and Man-Thing with writer DeMatteis.

He set up his own publishing company Mam Tor in 2004 which published a number of books and graphic novels. In recent years, he has returned to DC to draw a well-regarded run of Wonder Woman with writer Greg Rucka. He also wrote and drew The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman, a six-issue series which came out this year. He is currently the artist on DC’s hot The Green Lantern series, with legendary Scottish writer Grant Morrison.

Working on The Brave And The Bold: Batman And Wonder Woman was a long-held ambition, he explained to us last year: “I have wanted to tell a comics story that featured Cernunnos and aspects of Celtic mythology since I was a boy. I studied Greek and Roman history, culture and myth at school, and it seemed to me that there was less interest in much more local folklore, and our direct heritage, than you might suppose. My interest was probably initially piqued with Alan Lee and Brian Froud’s amazing Faeries book, which touches on the Tuatha Dé Danann. I got heavily into old Arthurian material, and read Nicklai Tolstoy’s The Quest for Merlin and The Coming of The King, and Alan Lee’s gorgeous illustrated Mabinogion. I also discovered Jim Fitzpatrick’s gorgeous The Silver Arm, which really ignited my interest in the Irish myths, leading me to dive into Lady Gregory’s Gods and Fighting Men and Cuchulain of Muirthemne. It became a bit of a passion of mine!”

In an interview with DC’s website last year, he explained why he was drawn to The Green Lantern: “I was working on Brave and the Bold. I had two issues left to go, and I was thinking about how I needed to line something up. As an artist, you always have to think ahead. I pitched some kind of left field ideas to Dan DiDio, and Dan just said, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’re not going to do that. We need you to draw HAWKMAN!’ And I was thinking, okay! I could see that because I’d drawn that one cover, which people seemed to love. It’s probably the most viral image I’d ever drawn. So, I thought, ‘Okay, Hawkman, that’ll be interesting.’ But then Scott Snyder was like, “No, no! We’d love for you to be part of the JUSTICE LEAGUE team.’ I’d drawn that one issue of Justice League, and I’d really enjoyed it. So, it seemed that I had some stuff to think about. I had some options. Then, almost 24 hours later, Dan calls me and says, ‘Okay, this is totally left field, but how would you feel about working on Green Lantern with Grant?’ That was it. Grant and I had seemed to be in each other’s trajectories for a while. I met Grant at the Wonder Woman premiere, and we just started talking. Before we knew it, the afterparty was over and we’re still gabbing away and coming up with ideas. We started talking then about doing something together. We’d never worked together, but we’ve both been in the industry for a very long time and like each other’s work. So, when this came up, there was no way I was going to turn it down.”

Liam Sharp Portsmouth Comic Con spotlight

We are pleased to welcome him to Portsmouth for the first time. Tickets for the Portsmouth Comic Con are available online here

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