Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Tomm Coker

Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Tomm Coker

A Uniquely Graphic Line

Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 is only just over three months away and here’s a third spotlight post on one of the show’s US guests, Tomm Coker…

Tomm Coker began his career as a comic book artist while still in high school. Since then, he has provided artwork for a variety of characters ranging from The Avengers to XMen. He has a career that goes back over three decades. Coker is currently working on The Black Monday Murders (Image Comics) with writer, Jonathan Hickman.

Coker is heavily influenced by films as he mentioned in this interview back in 2009 with about his work on Daredevil Noir: “

I was trying to invoke the opening of films such as Sunset Boulevard or The Third Man where you open with gruesome shots while a voice over catches the viewer up to speed.

I think the quiet calm of the scene really adds to the tension. You know that something really nasty just took place here and you’re being forced to look at the aftermath and wonder what’s going to happen next. Pretty classic noir stuff.”

He is also a very thorough artist as he explained in an interview on about his approach to drawing The Black Monday Murders back in 2016:”My visual goal with TBMM is to keep the book as grounded as possible. We’re dealing with real places and periods in time, so the more true I can be to the reality of what was or is the more shocking the fantastic elements will appear when they happen.”

Coker’s distinctive graphic style has garnered him a following around the world.

We are pleased to welcome him to Portsmouth for the first time. Tickets for the Portsmouth Comic Con are available online here

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