Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Alison Sampson

Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Alison Sampson

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♦ The second Portsmouth Comic Con takes place in just under two weeks’ time and Tripwire is proud to be a part of it once again. Here is the latest spotlight feature looking at one of its guests, artist Alison Sampson

Alison Sampson is an award-winning artist and architect based in London, UK.

She draws comics, currently Hit Girl: India for Mark Millar and Image comics, and recently Winnebago Graveyard also for Image Comics, Jessica Jones for Marvel, various projects for DC/Vertigo, Dark Horse, and Boom Studios, and has work included in the Femme Magnifique anthology from IDW.

She has never stopped designing, and also makes art for commercial clients, including the BBC and The Hayward Gallery.


Her career in architecture and design continues to inform her work as she explained in a chat with SyFy Wire back in 2017:

“I read 2000AD from when it started (I was far too young for it) into my teens and then stopped. I actually did make a comic for part of my architecture course, but the course pretty much directed us away from commercial and contemporary art — that’s not where architectural education resides, as it is supposed to be less ephemeral. So there was a long gap and I missed out on the explosion of UK comics and Vertigo that occurred just after. I didn’t know anything about it until I started watching Marvel films perhaps 20 years later. I sought out a comic and here we are.

I like comics because they give structure to art and give me all the reins. I’m making something and it is mine. Despite more than 25 years of architecture practice on award-winning buildings, I’ve never had a personal credit, as that’s not respecting the team. So this is quite a big deal to me.”

She can generally be found on Twitter at

This is Sampson’s second visit to Portsmouth Comic Con as a guest. Sampson has become an artist to watch over the past few years, switching from architecture to comics illustration with ease.

Tickets are available now for Portsmouth Comic Con but they are selling fast. Please visit the website for details on the show and to pick up tickets

Portsmouth Comic Con

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