Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Jamie Delano


A True British Original

♦ The second Portsmouth Comic Con takes place in just over two weeks’ time and Tripwire is proud to be a part of it once again. Here is the latest spotlight feature looking at one of its guests, writer Jamie Delano…

Since publication of his first professional work in the early 1980s, Jamie Delano has made a diverse contribution to the comic book medium, scripting both original works: World Without EndTaintedGhostdancingHell Eternal, Cruel and UnusualTerritory, Outlaw Nation and publisher-owned properties such as Captain Britain, Dr Who, Night Raven, HellblazerAnimal ManBatman/ManbatShadowman, Crossed.

Politics has played a major role in his work throughout his career as he pointed out in this interview he did for CBR back in 2017:

“For me, the two biggest incentives encouraging me to the keyboard — other than the piteous whimpering of hungry children — have been boredom and anger. Whether my fiction is fantasy or “real-world” based, it is generally powered by my existential preoccupations. Far-future flesh-scapes and the supernatural are usually co-opted by my imagination for the purpose (however tenuous) of allegory — although the intention is not didactic. Writing, for me, is a largely subconscious process. I’m not good at planning, or structuring rational moral arguments; I allow the writing process to subsume me – immerse myself in the “reality” of a story and inhabit the characters in more-or-less successful attempts to subjectively share their experience of the worlds to which I consign them. Since most of them therefore must reflect aspects of myself and my worldview, I guess maybe the politics is more organic than polemic. Others may well disagree.”

This was echoed in a chat he did with Tripwire way back in 2000:

“The older I get the more I come to understand that “Justice” for most people in this world is an aberrant occurrence in an otherwise fucked-over life… and consequently should be celebrated and applauded wherever it finds the courage to show its face. It may surprise you that -despite my earlier splenetic outpourings – I am constantly amazed and gratified by the grace and fortitude of the human spirit in the face of a callous and brutal “world”. Sure there are a lot of vicious subhuman fuckwitted shits out there masquerading in store-bought clothes, but here and there amongst them you’ll find a man or woman who is what William S Burroughs called a “Johnson” – a genuine human being… someone who cares and is worth caring about. So far the population of the Outlaw Nation numbers quite a few Johnsons amongst it, but the “shits” have a growing presence.”


Jamie is also the author of three novels: Book Thirteen, Leepus | Dizzy and Leepus | The River.


This is Delano’s first visit to Portsmouth Comic Con. As one of the true British comic maverick creators, Delano is a great addition to the show.

Tickets are available now for Portsmouth Comic Con but they are selling fast. Please visit the website for details on the show and to pick up tickets

Portsmouth Comic Con

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