Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Louise Simonson

Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Louise Simonson

Writing Her Own Ticket

♦ Portsmouth Comic Con takes place 5-6 May 2018 and Tripwire is proud to be a part of it. Here is the seventh spotlight feature on one of its special guests, Louise Simonson…

Louise Simonson is a writer and editor whose editing career began at Warren back in the 1970s working on magazines like Eerie and Creepy but she moved to Marvel in the early eighties. Simonson was editor on titles like Star Wars and New Mutants.

As a writer, she has worked on a number of major titles for publishers like DC and Marvel, creating Power Pack for the latter and creating Apocalypse during her X-Factor run.

Simonson spoke back in 2011 about her creation of Apocalypse in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“”Apocalypse is the first mutant – a brilliant shape-shifter who is virtually immortal – and sees himself as the father of mutantkind…In his early years, which I covered in the X-Factor Forever miniseries . . . Apocalypse encountered the Celestials and realized there was a time when humanity might be judged unworthy and destroyed.” Philadelphia Inquirer Louise Simonson Interview

She also completed an acclaimed run on Superman: Man of Steel at DC. She is one of the most respected writers and editors in comics thanks to a unique CV.

She has done a lot of superhero work over the years but she also enjoys more light-hearted comic work too as she said in an interview with CBR back in 2014 when she was working on Super Secret Crisis War: “You know, I kind of do would in a lot of ways. I love super heroes, they’re great, but I’ve done them for a really long time and a lot of that seems so dark now,” said Louise. “And a lot of what’s happening in the world seems so dark. It’s kind of nice to do something that’s a little bit fun. And while “Super Secret Crisis War” has the universe at stake, at least we’re cheerful about it.” CBR Louise Simonson interview 2014

Portsmouth is the first time that she has been to the UK in a decade and she is at the show with her husband, writer-artist Walter Simonson. We are very proud that she is a guest as she brings something very unique to the show.

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Tickets are available now for Portsmouth Comic Con. Please visit the website for details on the show

Portsmouth Comic Con

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