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Vaughn Scares Up New Vampire, PA One-Shot

Acclaimed creator J. C Vaughn is taking names and raising the undead once again with his new Kickstarter project, Vampire, PA: Bite Out of Crime…

“Dean, Scuba Dave and Dee Dee are back with their ongoing crusade to rid suburban Pittsburgh of the undead,” said Vaughn. “Standing in their way, as always, is vampire queen Jocelyn and a new challenger to her power… Could it actually be Al Capone?!? Find out in this brand new Vampire, PA one-shot that’s packed with 28 pages of story and art with additional bonus features! There might be one ad (on the back cover), but that’s it! Ever since the original mini-series (collected in our Vampire, PA: Pittsburgh Noir trade paperback), fans have wanted more of the vampire war in Dormont, Pennsylvania, and now it’s here…”

A complete listing of available prizes for those who back the project can be found here:

This Kickstarter launched in March. The estimated delivery of these prizes will take place in June of 2019, and can be shipped to backers in the United States.

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