Support Russell Mark Olson’s Gateway City Kickstarter

Support Russell Mark Olson’s Gateway City Kickstarter

Take The Gateway To Danger

We have always been happy to support comics crowdfunding on Tripwire and Gateway City by Russell Mark Olson looks great…


“A good man is dead, things are coming out of the sky, and I’ve got purple blood under my fingernails.” — Floyd “Lundy” Lundqvist

The Story

1925. Saint Louis.

Set against the backdrop of Prohibition America, private investigator, “Lundy” Lundqvist, is on the trail of Johnny Russo, mob boss, rum runner, and cold-blooded killer. Whilst hunting for evidence connecting Russo to a double-homicide, Lundy witnesses rival gangs breaking bread to welcome foreign visitors into their patch. Although these new players have little interest in booze and rivalries, their motives are anything but friendly. More alien than an avocado at a lemonade stand, these shadowy intruders threaten to turn the Rome of the West into a circus…with Lundy taking centre stage.

A mash-up of noir and sci-fi, Gateway City is a tailspin adventure with cinematic nods to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Gateway City Vol. 1 collects the first four issues of the title with extra scenes, edits by John Freeman, a foreword by comic legend, Roy Thomas and is over 100 pages of sci-fi noir goodness!

What People Have Said

“…Gateway City is one of those books that soars above the small press landscape and feels like something really special.” — Pipedream Comics

“Gateway City by Russell Mark Olson is a great series that matches classic Franco-Belgian inspired cartooning with a story that mashes together 1920s bootleggers and inter-dimensional space aliens!” — Nick Prolix, Slang Pictorial

“A cast of colourful characters and a story that effortlessly blends crime and science fiction to create something truly unique. Gateway City is pulp adventure storytelling at its finest. I love it!” — Vince Hunt, The Red Mask From Mars & The Awesome Comics Podcast


Got a second, then here’s where Gateway City came from:
Gateway City came about from my love of film noir, campy 50’s and 60’s sci-fi, Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, and the work of the EC bullpen. I imagine there’s also a healthy dose of Sunday afternoon films from KPLR 11 in there, too.

I grew up in Jefferson County, Missouri and went to University in St. Louis. I lived in the city for around 8 years (Webster, Maplewood, The Loop, Central West End and Tower Grove). I fell in love with its neighborhoods, architecture, culture, food, music, history and people. I’ve been living in the UK since 2008 and Gateway City is a kind of love letter to a place which will always be dear to my heart.

I’m also inspired by my new home and all of the dedicated and driven comic makers here in the UK. From the northern reaches of the Highlands to the westerly winds of Anglesey and the chalky hills of the South Downs, comics are ever present and I couldn’t be more proud of having been welcomed into the UK comics community as one of your own.

In a hurry? Read this:

Like this stuff? Then Gateway City is the book for you!

  • Film Noir like The Third Man and The Maltese Falcon
  • Monster Films
  • 50’s & 60’s Sci-Fi
  • EC Comics like Two-Fisted Tales and Weird Fantasy
  • Dick Tracy
  • Pulp

The Team

Russell Mark Olson
Artist & Writer
Olson is currently working on Cult Empire Comics’s Lady Hollywood series. His work can also be seen in Dirty Rotten Comics #11, AccentUK’s Enter the Asylum and the upcoming Mad Robot Cadavers Anthology. Olson’s previous Kickstarter campaign (with Phil Breach for the Gilded Boar Studios), was the successful, cautionary, Lovecraftian tale, The Arte Mephitic.

John Freeman
Freeman is a British writer/editor/designer known for his work with Marvel UK, and on Doctor Who Magazine and The Really Heavy Greatcoat. He maintains the UK Comics website, He’s recently edited Lost Fleet: Corsairfor Titan Comics.

Roy Thomas
Eisner Hall of Fame Inductee Thomas has been working in comics since 1965. In 1970, Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith introduced Conan the Barbarian to Marvel Comics‘s publishing portfolio. In 1972, he became the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. He currently edits Alter Ego, the long running magazine covering the Golden and Silver ages of comics and works with Stan Lee on the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip.

Emily Olson
Color Assistant
Olson has been flatting Gateway City since issue 2 and has gone on to work on each subsequent issue as well as various other projects, including Nick Prolix’s Slang Pictorial.

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