Support The Seven Sagas Of Silverbeard On Kickstarter

Support The Seven Sagas Of Silverbeard On Kickstarter

Gorilla Warfare

We always like to support UK comic crowdfunding campaigns and The Seven Sagas Of Silverbeard by Pete Taylor and artist Mark Hughes looks like a great comic. Here’s a few details…


The Earth is dying and the Gods don’t care, they hoard the life-giving energies of the World Tree and the mortal realm below suffers. Over seven lifetimes, SILVERBEARD, a cursed gorilla warrior battles demons, monsters and the blighted land itself to overthrow the greedy deities that would turn the planet into a wasteland. 

This 40 page oversized comic book contains TWO amazing adventures of the Gorilla Gladiator.

The first, HELL-BOUND is set during a period of seafaring, high adventure for Silverbeard who has been relentlessly pursuing the World Tree – the only route back to the celestial city of Ash-Halla, home of the Gods who betrayed him.  By partnering with the Pirate Brotherhood, Silverbeard is finally set to locate and reach the Tree. With revenge in his grasp, why does the Simian Sailor then suddenly break his agreement and sail away from the expedition? Where could he be heading? The buccaneers send a shadowy figure from Silverbeard’s past, the roguish jaguar assassin Obsidior, with an ultimatum – return or die!

In the second story called THE TWO-HEADED SERPENT, a younger, lawless Silverbeard has used his great strength and dexterity to carve out a successful career as a burglar and thief in the city of Aach-Garwarn, a dreadful hive of wickedness. It’s rich pickings but there’s no honour among thieves and Silverbeard has to fight to get paid what was agreed…

Pages will be coloured when published 

Silverbeard is a delicious Silver-Age comics homage seasoned with herbs ground from the essence of Robert E. Howard and then slathered in a rich and viscous sauce that only those who crave high adventure are willing to taste. Cut a piece and indulge.” – Justin Stewart, Tank Girl, Grrl Scouts, Howard the Human 


40 pages of glorious full colour comic book gorilla goodness in an oversized comic magazine format (8.3″ W x 11″H or 210 mm W x 287 mm H)   

 The comic will contain:

  • 26 pages of pulse pounding comic book action!
  • 6 page gallery section with pin-ups by professional comic book legends and fan favourite indie artists
  • 6 pages of features exploring the seven lifetimes of Silverbeard, his history and fan remembrances
  •  Front and back covers, good enough to frame!

“Spectacular. Phenomenal. Mind-blowing. Those are terms some people may use to describe Silverbeard. I will simply say, this book has a bad ass gorilla barbarian in it! If you don’t immediately want to read this comic, something is probably wrong with you. ALL HAIL SILVERBEARD!” – Vince Hunt, Awesome Comics Podcast, The Red Mask of Mars 


There’s one more wrinkle, another dimension to the project. The fiction is that the comic book adventures of Silverbeard have already been published. The character was a minor hit for a small publisher that ran from the late 60s to the mid 90s. Terrible production values and sub-standard paper have meant no issues have survived and his adventures must be re-created by Pete and other creators with lasting memories of reading his astounding tales. (Did you watch the video?)

This means all eras of his life can be explored in the comic, you won’t have to wait 25 years like the original readers of his comics did! Much like in The Princess Bride, we can jump to the exciting bits. You will read about the different periods of his life and publishing history through the back up stories and features. And discover the new genre twists brought to SB’s fantasy world by different creative teams that worked on the books. Later fans would group these periods into what is now known as the Seven Sagas of Silverbeard. 

The seven sagas being:

  •  Untamed – Monstrous Jungle battles
  •  The Lawless – Urban based fantasy crime stories
  •  Relentless – Chasing the Tree, rip roarin’ adventure
  •  Lost – Strange encounters at the edge of the world
  •  The Merciless – Rise of the Squid Cult, war grips the Wildlands
  •  The Shrouded – Horror-tinged shamanic tales
  •  The Fated – The destiny of the Ape Eternal and his unpublished finale. 

Just to be clear, Silverbeard hasn’t been published before. The history of this ersatz publisher and their Simian Superstar is a story device that enables the creative team to explore and reflect different periods of comic history in future tales.

Lots more info on this secret history is available on our Instagram account, catfood_comics 


 Pete Taylor

Pete is a designer and illustrator who has worked for clients such as Legoland and Usborne Publishing. The artist on Hell-Bound, Pete also provides scripts, lettering and colours for both stories. An indie artist who has been making comics for over 20 years, Pete co-created Monster Kids, an all ages strip which appeared in volume 20 of Aces Weekly, contributed to the Irregulars anthology from Watercloset Press and self-published many books with the Swansea Comics Collective which he co-founded. Pete has also had his artwork included as rewards in Kickstarters by Russell Mark Olson and Nick Prolix and regularly contributes to the Lakes Comic Art podcast.

Mark Hughes

The Two-Headed Serpent is pencilled and inked by Mark, a freelance digital illustrator from South Wales who co-founded the Swansea Comics Collective with Pete. Mark has drawn Basketball Lawyers for Crowntaker Studios, Alpha for Arcane Comics and recently self-published Yr Wyddor, an illustrated Welsh alphabet book.


Jim Mahfood

Aka Food One, Jim has worked for every major comic book company and within many areas of art and design. Comic book highlights include: Grrl Scouts, his creator owned series (Image), art chores on 21st Century Tank Girl and Everybody Loves Tank Girl (Titan Books), illustrating the Miami Vice: Remix comic book series (IDW/Lion Forge) and illustrating director Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics.

Nick Brokenshire

Nick is a writer/artist for IDW’s Star Wars Adventures, including stories that feature IG-88 and Max Rebo. He is also co-creator/artist/colorist of The Once and Future Queen (Dark Horse) and has worked on stories and covers for 2000ADJudge Dredd (IDW) and Robotech(Titan). 

Russell Mark Olson

Gateway City creator and Yancy Street award winning cartoonist,  Russell’s recent projects include Lady Hollywood (Cult Empire Comics), The Black Iris and the flip book, Dicky Bird Sing/The Accumulator.

Nick Prolix

Nick is a prolific writer, artist and cartoonist, amongst many projects he is the author of Slang Pictorial, which features his magnum opus, The Sheep and the Wolves, and The Accumulator/Dicky Bird Sing flip book. Nick has also contributed to the Awesome Comics anthology.

Daisy Taylor

A young illustrator just starting out in the business, Daisy is about to begin studying illustration at Bournemouth University. 



A digital version of the comic magazine in PDF and/or CBZ format


The real deal! 40 pages of physical full colour comic action! Plus digital version.


An exclusive bookplate signed by Pete & Mark plus the magnificent magazine and copy digitallé.


The BIG ONE! An Ape Eternal exclusive! The Frank Zappa of comics himself, Jim Mahfood, provides a Primal Portrayal of the Powerful Primate Pirate! Your only chance to get your hairy mitts on this amazing art edition is here and now! The Jim Mahfood exclusive art print also comes with a comic magazine, signed bookplate and digital copy. 


OK, how do you top an exclusive art print by Jim Mahfood?! You can’t, eh? But Mark and I love an excuse to get together, have a pint (or two) and sketch. So, on top of everything else we would love to slip an inked drawing of the Glorious Gorilla Gladiator into your package – just select this reward to make it happen. Said sketch will arrive alongside a hefty 40 page comic magazine with a signed bookplate and crazy-amazing Jim Mahfood art print! Digital copy? Sure!

Risks and challenges

I am only seeking funds to print the comic, the book itself is 75% complete. Script, pencils, inks and lettering tasks have been completed on all pages, except for 6 pages of Hell-Bound which remain to be inked. Leaving just those pages and the eleven pages of The Two-Headed Serpent to be coloured.

My career as a professional graphic designer and illustrator has been built on ensuring I supply high quality work with dependable delivery. My experience in self-publishing has meant the book is already setup in a print ready format and is being updated with new artwork as the pages are finished to final coloured form. When the last few pages are complete, it just needs to be exported and sent to the printers.

here’s the link to support it

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