Support The Unseen Art Of Hollywood Storyboards

Support The Unseen Art Of Hollywood Storyboards

Go Behind The Scenes On Hollywood’s Biggest Movies

We’ve always been keen to support UK comic and illustration kickstarters and here’s some information about Trevor Goring’s kickstarter project on movie storyboards…


Comic book and storyboard artist Trevor Goring and his partner, the late Joyce Kaskey Goring details the history of film storyboards. This important and long-neglected art is now given its due with this comprehensive history of the art of film storyboards. Featuring a genre-by-genre discussion of over one-hundred great films and their storyboards, this visual tour features a full range of classic and contemporary films with examples of how directors utilize storyboards in the creation of their films.

Original Art Reward Information:

Each of these are hand-drawn original pieces of art used as the storyboards for their respective movies. These one-of-a-kind drawings are available as rewards for backing the project, and do not include a copy of the book itselfWe repeat, these storyboards do NOT include a copy of the book. If you would like a copy of the book added to your pledge please add either $75 (regular edition) or $125 (signed Limited Edition) to your pledge or contact us to make arrangements. 

Original Storyboard by Trevor Goring  (1): Entrapment 

What is the end result of the Kickstarter project?

Hermes Press will publish The Unseen Art of Hollywood, a project that has been in the works for several years by Trevor Goring and the late Joyce Kaskey Goring.We will NOT be selling the Limited Edition through Diamond. We will ONLY sell it here and through our website if any copies are available after the Kickstarter ends.

Risks and challenges

Risks: If we don’t get funding we can’t do the book. We have all the materials and are ready to go otherwise.

Here’s the link to support it

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