Take A First Look At DC’s Amethyst


Back To Gemworld

DC’s Amethyst miniseries starts soon from DC’s Wonder Comics and here’s a first look at the series by Amy Reeder plus its covers…

Amethyst DC preview www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

What do you suppose the going rate is for office space in Gemworld? After seeing how utterly beautiful the magical, crystalline realm is in our new Amethyst miniseries, we’re not sure Burbank is still the place for us.

We’re kidding about relocating to a fictional realm (moving cross-country was hard enough!), but we’re completely serious about how gorgeous Gemworld and everything else in Amy Reeder’s new fantasy miniseries looks. In her first DC comic since Batwoman, the gifted writer and artist is breathing vibrant new life into the classic DC character, who recently made a return to the DC Universe in Brian Michael Bendis’s Young Justice. In Reeder’s Amethyst, which hits shops next month, Amy Winston returns to Gemworld to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, only to discover that her kingdom and subjects have both gone missing. What happened to them? Is the Dark Lord Opal somehow behind it? And most important…will she have her flying unicorn?!?

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