Take A First Look Inside Marvel’s Doctor Doom #1

Take A First Look Inside Marvel’s Doctor Doom #1

At A Crossroads

Marvel’s Doctor Doom is a series that gives the FF’s most dangerous villain his own series and here’s a preview of it, by Christoper Cantwell and Salvador Larroca…

On 9 October, Victor Von Doom—scientist, sorcerer, despot, leader—wrestles with visions of an entirely different life and a better future, and finds himself at a crossroads. But when a catastrophic act of terrorism kills thousands, the Latverian ruler becomes the prime suspect…and he’s forced to push his personal thoughts aside and focus on remaining alive as the title of “Most Wanted Man” is thrust upon him.

Left with no homeland, no armies, no allies, indeed, nothing at all, will the reign of Doctor Doom come to an abrupt halt? Find out as a new journey begins in Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larroca’s DOCTOR DOOM #1

Doctor Doom#1 preview www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

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