Daredevil Season Two Helps Set Up Defenders

Daredevil Season Two Helps Set Up Defenders

Showrunners Talk Future of Defenders

♦ Marvel and Netflix took to the stage during the Television Critics Association to give some insight into what we’ll see from Daredevil Season Two. Comicbook.com talked to Co-showrunners, Doug Petrie & Marco Ramirez, and asked them what it was like putting season 2 together, and working towards a show like Defenders.

Knowing a show like Defenders is on the horizon, which looks like a much more collaborative story with these characters, has it changed your approach to this season versus season one?

Doug Petrie: It’s definitely opened doors. I think what we both got really good at – along with all of our writers and our cast is how to be collaborative. You picked the right word to describe it. Where I can’t state enough is how much Charlie [Cox], Jon [Bernthal], Elden [Henson] and Deborah [Ann Woll] – come to us with suggestions and ideas and we almost always fold them in.

I think what we’ve gotten better at this year, by necessity of the storytelling, is we spin more plates and we have more threads of storyline going through the narrative and, as we look forward to what’s coming up ahead, we feel like we’ll be able to handle more storylines – complicated storylines – and interweaving different characters in new ways.

Marco Ramirez: Just a note, also, we didn’t just add Frank Castle and Elektra to the world. We’re also continuing the storylines for Foggy and Karen and it’s just like a bunch of plates and it’s absolutely that. It’s an exercise in spinning plates and lighting them on fire and making them spin as quickly and awesomely as possible.

Petrie: And, not letting them crash.

Ramirez: Right.

Petrie: And, I think, we’re amazed how little silverware we broke this year.

Source: Comicbook.com



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