The Flash Visits Earth 2

The Flash Visits Earth 2

Barry Allen Makes The Trip to Earth 2

So far on The Flash this season, fans have seen only brief glimpses of Earth-2, the other world from which Jay Garrick, Harrison Wells and most of the season’s villains have originated.

According to EW, though, that’s going to change as Barry Allen and possibly a few other will be making the trip across the vibrational barrier.

“It sounds like we’re going to be making an Earth-Two trip in the future at some point this season,” series star Grant Gustin told the magazine. “I don’t know which characters are going to be going. I’m pretty sure Barry will be one of them. I don’t know if we’re going to see his doppelgänger when we go over there. I’d imagine we would.”

The most likely scenario, of course, is that Barry and the alternate Harrison Wells might team up to head over to Earth-2 in search of Jesse Quick, Wells’s daughter who is being held hostage by Zoom. Then again, Jay Garrick and/or Wells, who both come from that world and have become part of Team Flash this year, could need something from over there.

So far, the breaches have only gone one way: from Earth-2 to here. This indicates that Vibe and company might soon enhance the technology so that the traffic can go both ways.

Here is a gallery of photos from The Flash season two episode seven

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