The Portsmouth Comic Con Panels Line-Up Updated

The Portsmouth Comic Con Panels Line-Up Updated

Plan Your Diary For Portsmouth Comic Con

♦ Portsmouth Comic Con takes place in just 6 days’ time and here’s an updated rundown of the panels taking place on the Saturday and Sunday at the show. There are a couple of gaps and TBCs which will be filled by the time the show takes place. Please keep checking the show website for updated details…

Panels: Saturday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel                Panelists
11am Drawing The Force: Star Wars Comics And Art  Russell Walks, Dave Dorman, Chris Weston, Malcolm Tween, Kev Jenkins, Jeff Carlisle (Host: Tim Hayes)
12pm Frankly Speaking: Spotlight on Frank Quitely Host: Joel Meadows
1pm TBC  
2pm From The Vault: Focus on Ben Templesmith Host: Joel Meadows
3pm A Norse To Be Reckoned With: Spotlight on Walter Simonson Host: Joel Meadows
4pm Comics First Lady: Spotlight On Louise Simonson Host: Jasper Bark
5pm Baroque From Brazil: Rafael Alburquerque Host: Joel Meadows

Panel Room 2

Time Panel Panelists
11am Lording It Over Time: Doctor Who Comics Rob Williams, Cavan Scott and Simon Fraser (Host: John Freeman)
12pm Savage Pencil: Spotlight On Declan Shalvey Host: Andrew Colman
1pm Happy Birthday to The Man of Steel: Superman 80th Anniversary Frank Quitely, Chris Weston, Louise Simonson, Van Norris from University of Portsmouth (Host: Danny Graydon)
2pm The Hands That Moulded Who: Gary Pollard reveals all about three decades of special effects work including Doctor Who Host: Andrew Colman
3pm Pushing The Envelope: 25 Years of Vertigo RM Guera, Chris Weston, Rob Williams, Dan Watters, Peter Hogan, Frank Quitely (Host: Tim Pilcher)
4pm Bleeding Cool: IDW Full Bleed and Wood Works with Dirk Wood Host: Tim Hayes
5pm Bringing Out The Best: Working With The Finest Writers In Comics Frank Quitely, Sean Phillips and Laurence Campell Host: Olly Macnamee


Panels: Sunday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel Panelists
11am The Shape Of Cinema: Talking Guillermo del Toro (University of Portsmouth panel) Deborah Shaw, Rebecca Janicker, Paul Charisse, Joel Meadows
12pm The Knight Of Noir: Sean Phillips: From Hellblazer To Kill Or Be Killed Host: Joel Meadows

1pm Different Voices: The Importance of Diversity in Comics Ram V, Alison Sampson and Shawn Martinbrough (Host: Shelly Bond)
2pm Authoritative Voice: Gene Ha; working with Moore and creating his own comics Host: Jasper Bark
3pm Squires Of Gotham: Drawing Batman Cully Hamner, Ben Templesmith and Rafael Albuquerque (Host: Andrew Colman)
4pm Gary Erskine Workshop  
5pm Spotlight on Dave Dorman  (Host: Joel Meadows)

Panel Room 2

Time Panel Panelists
11am Millar Time: Kingsman comics Rob Williams and Simon Fraser (Host: Joel Meadows)


12pm Winter Is Here: Impact of Game of Thrones Ulrich Zeidler and Louise Simonson


1pm Say Thee Neigh: Randy Stradley Dark Horse Host: Olly Macnamee


2pm Trip Through The Wires: Tripwire 25 years of rubbing people up the wrong way Hosts: Joel Meadows/ Andrew Colman with Olly Macnamee


3pm Her Word Is Her Bond: Shelly Bond IDW Black Crown David Barnett, Philip Bond and Martin Simmonds (Host: Shelly Bond)
4pm Creating New Worlds: Ulrich Ziedler Talks Game of Thrones and Ready Player One Host: Joel Meadows
5pm The State Of The Market: Comic Collector (University of Portsmouth Panel) Simon Hobbs, Lincoln Geraghty, Van Norris, Andrew Colman




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