Top Shelf Co-Founder Brett Warnock Kickstarts His Return To Publishing

Top Shelf Co-Founder Brett Warnock Kickstarts His Return To Publishing

Warnock Comes Back To Publishing

♦ Brett Warnock was the co-founder of Top Shelf Comix and now he is back in publishing with a kickstarter. Here’s a few details of what he is doing from the horse’s mouth…




“The first issue is ready to go—it’s a lush and beautiful thing, both eye candy and brain food. I’ve backed 17 Kickstarter campaigns over the years, and I love how they’ve leveled the playing field for creatives; it’s a great space for us to show off the magazine to new readers, and launch our subscription drive,” said publisher Brett Warnock.

“This is wonderfully full-circle for me. Issue #1 has a new comic by James Kochalka, who was one of the first indy cartoonists I published over twenty years ago. Plus I get to work for the first time with comics veterans whose work I’ve long admired, like Jim Mahfood and Dan Zettwoch, as well as emerging talent like Erin Nations. Needless to say, given my background, comics will represent.”

As founder and co-publisher of Top Shelf Productions, Warnock released numerous award-winning graphic novels, including national hero and Congressman John Lewis’ March trilogy and Craig Thompson’s timeless memoir, Blankets. With Kitchen Table, Warnock marks his return to publishing after a four year absence, and combines his experience in visual arts and storytelling, with his passion for food, cooking, and a deep love of place. He’s stoked to share with the magazine’s readers, the people and the places where we share our meals and our adventures.

Kitchen Table Magazine’s Kickstarter is now live! Let’s all go give it some love!

You can also preview Kitchen Table at its website:

Kitchen Table Magazine
edited & published by Brett Warnock
– $10 US
– 80 pages
– saddle-stitch binding
– 6.75” x 9.375”
– Luxe matte finish
Holiday gift subscriptions come with a card signed by the publisher.
The print edition will be available on newsstands in January 2019.

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