Tripwire Autumn Special Is Now In Previews To Order

Tripwire Autumn Special Is Now In Previews To Order

Tripwire’s Back In Print At Last…

So Tripwire Spring Special is now Tripwire Autumn Special, out in October…

Here’s the solicitation information:

After a number of years away from print, Tripwire returns in time for autumn 2020. Under a Flash 80th anniversary cover, Tripwire takes a look at the birthday of the Scarlet Speedster, Joker’s 80th anniversary and a look at how the coronavirus has affected the comics industry with an exclusive roundtable with the industry’s movers and shakers. Tripwire will also be reviving their Power List, listing the movers and shakers in the worlds of comics and genre film and TV. Plus interviews with Louise Simonson, Ram V, Kieron Gillen, a feature looking at Neil Gaiman’s career and a look at 70 years of horror comics.In Shops: Oct 28, 2020SRP: $12.99

And here’s what the final Flash cover will look like

Oscar winning director and writer Guillermo Del Toro said this about Tripwire:”Tripwire has been for nearly three decades the touchstone of comic book culture in the U.K and one of the leading periodicals dedicated to this narrative art form. Incisive, smart and always relevant.”

Best selling author Ian Rankin (Rebus) was equally effusive: “ still the coolest magazine on the planet, and helping young and old alike fritter away their lives with the best coverage of comics, film and TV.”

item code is AUG2016893 so please check it out and tell your local comic shop if you want to grab one. We are very excited to be back in print.

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