Tripwire Brings Its Love Of Films To The Next Level

Tripwire Brings Its Love Of Films To The Next Level

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♦ Tripwire has always celebrated the art of movies and with the success of Portsmouth Comic Con last May, we felt that the time was right to bring our love of films to the next level. Starting in October, we shall be putting on films in conjunction with one of our favourite cinemas in London, the Phoenix in East Finchley…

We will kick off our season of films with Guillermo del Toro’s two acclaimed Hellboy movies. On Friday 19th October, the Phoenix will showcase Hellboy, first released back in 2004. Introduced with an exclusive talk followed by a Q and A with the film’s screenwriter Peter Briggs, the film will be shown in 35mm, allowing audiences a more detailed experience with a chance to see the film in all of its pristine glory on the big screen. The following Friday, 26 October, the cinema will also be screening a 35mm version of the follow-up, 2008’s Hellboy: The Golden Army. This will be the first time since its original release to catch this in the cinema. There will be an introduction to that film too, with guests to be confirmed closer to the date.

We shall also be commissioning and producing a series of limited edition posters released to complement the two showcased movies. Created by veteran illustrator David Michael Beck, these short-run collectible prints will enhance the cinematic experience further (the print run for each poster will be limited to 250 copies).


QUESTION: What was the idea behind Tripwire’s latest endeavour?

TRIPWIRE: As serious film fans, we wanted to offer an evening for dedicated filmgoers in an easygoing setting which features high quality prints of films rarely seen in the cinema these days along with a talk from an expert or someone connected to the film being shown. All film fans love film posters, so we feel that this will add something extra.

QUESTION: What other films do you have planned?

TRIPWIRE: Plans are afoot to screen major genre and cult classics that demand the big screen next year, such as Brazil, The Prestige, The Fly, Moon, They Live!, Night And The City and High-Rise. We also intend if the Hellboy films and next year’s season are a success to make it a regular fixture on the London cinema calendar.

With next January seeing the release of a brand new Hellboy movie, starring David Harbour and directed by Neil (Game of Thrones) Marshall, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to revisit del Toro’s take on Mignola’s demonic superhero. Also, 2018 is the 25th anniversary of Hellboy’s first appearance.

Keep checking Phoenix’s website for details of how to book tickets for the first two Tripwire movies and more

Phoenix Cinema London website

See you at the movies


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