Tripwire Previews Dynamite’s Red Sonja Products

Tripwire Previews Dynamite’s Red Sonja Products

Red Sonja Artist Editions And Other Items Conjure Summer Fun

There’s a wealth of exciting things happening with Dynamite Entertainment’s Red Sonja. And do we mean a treasure-trove.…

First off, there’s comic scribe Mark Russell helming the new ongoing series which is letting him take his time and tell “a long-arc story rooted equally in fantasy and ancient history.” Then, there’s legendary writer Roy Thomas’ return to the “She-Devil with a Sword” with the best-selling hardcover, Red Sonja: The Ballad of the Red Goddess. Don’t forget that Gail Simone’s take on Robert E. Howard’s scarlet-maned warrior woman is also being collected in a must-have omnibus.

Fans can also enter the world of Red Sonja itself with the Red Sonja: Hyrkania’s Legacy Board Game – a cooperative, modular-adventure tabletop game for one to four players, and expandable to six. The game allows players to participate as one of their favorite Red Sonja characters, ranging from the Barbarian Osin to Red Sonja herself. These heroes will champion all that is the Hyborian good in 90 minutes as the players travel across the realm of Hyrkania and face dangerous warriors, mythical beasts, and the walking souls that haunt the lands.

And then there’s the man who first spun stories about this fantastical femme fatale: Frank Thorne.

Collectors can first preorder their copy of the foot-tall, high-quality resin statue portraying Red Sonja at her most dangerous (and desirable) with the Red Sonja Frank Thorne Statue. Based on the wizard’s iconic cover for the now-classic Marvel Feature #4, the statue depicts Thorne’s distinctive style which first defined the character in her ‘70s comic book genesis and continues to influence armies of artists to this day.  

Then, there’s the stunning Frank Thorne Red Sonja Artist Editions. With Dynamite offering an impressive 60% off of a complete set of these fine works, these larger-than-life tomes give readers a first-hand glimpse into the genius that is Thorne. Photographing the original black-and-white original art in glorious color, each artist edition – three in total – collects stories first appearing within the pages of Marvel Comics’ Marvel Feature and Red Sonja, while also allowing readers the opportunity to experience this awesome artwork as comicdom’s premier wizard first conjured it. Looking at these stunning reproductions of the virgin pages Thorne produced over four decades ago gives some insight into how he was able to achieve his epic, stylized storytelling – and the detail is extraordinary. It also reveals how two stellar creators collaborated: The pair of Thomas and Thorne worked “Marvel” style so that Thomas came up with a plot, for which Thorne drew the final pages, and then Thomas scripted the story from the finished art. On each page of each artist edition, though, Red Sonja and all that cross her path leap out of every panel – introducing her admirers to new worlds of savage sword and sorcery in all their splendor.

All of these items can be found at your favorite comic book shop, or ordered directly via Dynamite Entertainment’s webstore. Seek them out today!

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