Tripwire Reviews Ahoy Comics’ Second Coming Volume One Trade Paperback

Tripwire Reviews Ahoy Comics’ Second Coming Volume One Trade Paperback

Religious Experience

Tripwire’s contributing writer Scott Braden casts his eye over Ahoy Comics’ Second Coming volume one trade paperback, out now…

Second Coming Volume One Trade Paperback
Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Richard Pace with Leonard Kirk
Ahoy Comics

Those of you who know me or read my column for Tripwire know that I love a good “Lost Tale” – especially the ones that are found again. Mark Russell and Richard Pace’s Second Coming is just such a beast, having been deemed by DC Comics’ much lamented Vertigo imprint as not to their liking these days, and was saved from oblivion by AHOY Comics.  After a successful and best-selling six-issue comic book run, the first volume of this less-than-mild-mannered masterwork – a project that comedian Patton Oswalt proclaimed to be a modern Life of Brian – comes collected just in time to be celebrated during sacred Lent with the Second Coming Volume One Trade Paperback.

Like the late, great DC Comics Presents of times past, Second Coming offers an exciting, oftentimes eye-opening, four-colour meeting of heroes. It teams the “Man of All Our Tomorrows,” namely Sunstar – an archetype of the supermensch – and a certain Jesus Christ, Christianity’s all-powerful “Son of God.” Both are messiah figures and saleable sun-gods, but where the former uses might to force the world to be right, the latter turns the other cheek to bring peace and love upon the earth. Together . . . well, let’s just say that colourful hijinks follow.

The reasons to buy this collection are myriad. From the genius of Heaven’s celestial food court, which is occupied by discontinued fast-food restaurants selling their culinary close-outs, to a true and insightful examination of Jesus’s message to the world and how we’ve somehow transformed it into a comic book ubermann that proves we have perhaps missed the original point.  This both sacred and profane tome covers a lot of ground, making its readers smile while all the time offering them a lot of food for thought.

The bottom line is this.  It’s poignant. It’s powerful. And, more oftentimes than others, it’s funny as hell too. Pick it up – and praise be!

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Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace
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