Tripwire Reviews AHOY’s Bronze Age Boogie#1

Tripwire Reviews AHOY’s Bronze Age Boogie#1

Running Out Of Time?

Tripwire’s contributing writer Scott Braden takes a look at AHOY’s Bronze Age Boogie#1 out this week…

Writers: Stuart Moore, Tyrone Finch
Artists: Alberto Ponticelli, Mauricet
Colourist: Alberto Ponticelli

Remember Marvel Comics in the 1970s – when it was really and truly the House of Ideas? It was mad full of badass babes and kung fu fighters; damn, dirty apes and Martian invasions; and even barbarian kings. Well, Stuart Moore does, and he’s bringing that four-colour chaos and magic to Bronze Age Boogie – his creator-owned title for Ahoy Comics.

The inaugural title of the company’s second wave of books, this mad masterwork has everything and damn near the kitchen sink. It also has a story that propels the reader on a wild ride that’s just beginning. Lots of secrets here, folks, and lots of reasons to keep reading. There’s lot of players in this book, too, but the story centres around modern barbarian girl Brita who, along with her barbarian king father, is attempting to stop the end times in 1975 B.C. Meanwhile, in 1975 A.D., a group of stalwart heroes are fighting against mad science and menace, and it’s apocalyptic fun on all ends of the timeline.

Moore says this is a team book, and you are cordially invited to come in at the ground floor of something spectacular. Pick up a copy and dig for yourself!

Bronze Age Boogie#1 comes out this week from AHOY

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Bronze Age Boogie#1 by Stuart Moore, Albert Finch, Alberto Ponticelli And Mauricet
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