Tripwire Reviews Boom! Studios’ Klaus And The Crying Snowman

Tripwire Reviews Boom! Studios’ Klaus And The Crying Snowman

Klaus For Concern

Tripwire’s contributing writer Tim Cundle takes a look at Boom! Studios Klaus And The Crying Snowman, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Dan Mora and out now…

Klaus & the Crying Snowman
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Dan Mora
Boom! Studios

Much like visiting Disney World does, Christmas tends to bring out the best in people.  At least it used to, when we weren’t driven by the urge to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need for relatives that we don’t actually like.  Christmas used to be the time of the year when we could just let everything go, let go all of the anger, hate and disappointment that the politicians and mainstream media work so hard to stoke in all of us the rest of the year. It used to be a time when we’d forget about trying to clamber over each other in order to try and get a rung further up the corporate ladder while pursuing the confused ideology that wealth somehow equates to happiness. Christmas used to be about joy, about seeing the best in everything and everyone and slowing down in order to enjoy spending time with family and friends. And while the world may have forgotten that, Grant Morrison certainly hasn’t and in Klaus & the Crying Snowman he sets out, along with his partner in festive cheer Dan Mora, to redress that balance. 

Of course, Grant Morrison being Grant Morrison doesn’t do that in the same way that most writers would, with a simplistic, straightforward morality tale. That would be far too easy and wouldn’t be half as much fun as telling a story about second chances, missed opportunities and redemption that was centred around the spirits of Christmas battling an alien invasion to save that most special day of the year. The Klaus of the title is, in case you haven’t already guess Santa Klaus, and with a little help from a mysterious snowman called Sam, Father Frost (a communist incarnation of Father Christmas) and um, a magic goat, rallies to prevent the Comet People, who visit our Solar System every 1500 years, destroying the Cosmic Clock on Titan and ruining Christmas. Sounds complicated and a little out there doesn’t it? Of course it is, it’s a Grant Morrison book and while it’s both of those things, it’s also a hugely enjoyable story that flirts with European mythology and the established systems of pagan, Christian and nondenominational belief that’s written by an author who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and credits his audience with a modicum of intelligence.  And Dan Mora’s gorgeous, pulp-flavoured, science fiction and steampunk- infused art is the perfect partner for Morrison’s narrative, and brings out every single ounce of festive spirit that it’s imbued with. And if the last four pages don’t make you reach for the Kleenex to dry your rapidly moistening eyes, then I suspect that you’ll probably receive a visit from three spirits this Christmas Eve. The world, by and large, may have forgotten what this time of year is all about, but Grant Morrison and Dan Mora certainly haven’t. May I humbly suggest that you give Dickens a miss this year and place your faith in Morrison and Mora instead? I promise you, you won’t regret it. Merry Christmas one and all… Tim Cundle

Klaus And The Crying Snowman review

Klaus & The Crying Snowman is out now from Boom! Studios

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