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P Craig Russell: Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition
Writers: Don McGregor, Mark Andreyko
Artist: P Craig Russell
IDW Publishing

Since IDW began its line of Artist’s and Artefact Editions, it has represented some of the finest comic work published by a cross section of different comic companies over the past few decades. Editor Scott Dunbier continues to source art and pages and reprint them in a format that is worthy of the material that each hardcover reprints. P Craig Russell: Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition is no exception. It reprints Marvel’s Killraven run written by Don MacGregor as well as Doctor Strange original graphic novel, What Is It That Disturbs You, which was written by Mark Andreyko. What makes this book partly so fascinating is that it manages to document the development of Russell from the raw young artist with potential to the virtuoso confidence that is displayed in the Doctor Strange story. Killraven is very much a story of its time, reflecting a 1970s vision of the future. Some of Russell’s drawing in the Killraven pages are a little bit clunky but there are flashes of his future elegance as an artist but when you compare them directly with the Strange pages, you can see an artist who has evolved in his work. It is hard to imagine another modern comic artist who is better suited to drawing a Doctor Strange story as there is a sophistication and a majesty to Russell’s linework that you could stare at for hours. There are also reproductions of things like Russell’s Marvel Fanfare covers and a selection of Amazing Adventures Killraven pages, which are there as a rather nice endcap to the book.

As with all the Artist’s and Artefact Editions, IDW and editor Dunbier have done a magnificent job of offering a format that is as close as you can get to owning the original art without having to remortage the house to do so.

IDW have become the guardians of comic art history and P Craig Russell: Strange Dreams is a brilliant addition to a hardcover library that remains unparalleled from any other comic company currently publishing in the market today. For fans of P Craig Russell from his work on series like The Sandman, this is a must-buy.


P Craig Russell Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition review


P Craig Russell Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition is still available from IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing P Craig Russell Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition


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