Tripwire Reviews The Art Of Incredibles 2

Tripwire Reviews The Art Of Incredibles 2

Incredibles Journey

♦ Tripwire’s editor-in-chief JOEL MEADOWS took a look at Chronicle Books’ The Art Of Incredibles 2, out now in hardcover…

The Art Of Incredibles 2
Editor: Karen Palk
Foreword: John Lasseter
Introduction: Brad Bird
Chronicle Books

Fourteen years is a very long time between films and when it was announced, people were skeptical about a follow-up to Brad Bird’s classic The Incredibles. However, box office and critical acclaim have proven that it was a very canny move to release a sequel to the seminal animated feature. The Art of Incredibles 2 is a 170 page hardcover which shows that the same care and attention was taken when creating Incredibles 2 as it was when they first came up with the concepts for the first film.

The foreword by John Lasseter and introduction by the film’s director Brad Bird really help to put things into context. Editor Palk has done a very good job of telling the story behind the story of Incredibles 2 and we have some very nifty storyboards, character designs and environmental drawings. Pixar has always attracted some of the finest animators and ideas guys over the years and the team on Incredibles 2 really raise the bar for quality, well thought-out concepts. It is fascinating to witness the genesis of characters like Winston Deavor and the International Supers from the film. Deavor is voiced by Bob Odenkirk and the animators use his features as a springboard for their designs, incorporating his personality into the animated creation.

Animated features are nothing without their animators and designers and The Art Of Incredibles 2 is a well-edited and fascinating glimpse behind the curtains of Disney•Pixar’s inventive sequel. Recommended for fans of the film, the characters or people with an interest in animation.


Art Of Incredibles 2

The Art Of Incredibles 2 is out now from Chronicle Books

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The Art Of Incredibles 2 Edited By Karen Palk
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