Tripwire Reviews TKO’s Sentient

Tripwire Reviews TKO’s Sentient

Lost In Space?

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Gabriel Walta
Letterer: Steve Wands
TKO Studios

TKO studios is one of the more interesting new indie comic companies to hit the market. Started by TV scriptwriter Tze Chun, Tko launches its titles in waves, in an unusual format: six issues of a cardstock comic series contained in a cardboard presentation pack. For this wave, the publisher has produced its new books both in the presentation pack and as a single graphic novel. We received Sentient as a graphic novel book.

Writer Jeff Lemire is one of the most versatile creators of the past decade, able to switch from superheroics to indie drama at the drop of a hat. Sentient is a sci fi thriller that looks at what happens when all of the adults are killed on a spaceship and all that survive are the children. Assisted by the ship’s onboard AI Valerie, can they manage on their own? And just how pure are Valerie’s motives? Sentient asks the question: what would happen if children were forced to run society?

Walta, Lemire’s artistic collaborator here, really brings the ship and its surroundings to life. His art is simple yet cinematic and he is the perfect foil for Lemire’s high concept sci-fi tale. At times, it is redolent of something like Scott’s Alien or Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it is a little more thoughtful. Lemire ratchets up the tension as the story progresses, creating a suitably claustrophobic atmosphere on the ship, and while it isn’t a new idea exactly, Sentient is a very solid sci fi thriller that displays Lemire’s deftness as a writer, coupled with a very talented artist in the shape of Walta.

TKO have been publishing some very impressive series since they launched and Sentient is a very worthy addition to their library. Lemire continues to be a class act and Walta is an artist who can bring his concepts to life with rare skill and ability.

Sentient is out now from TKO Studios

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Sentient by Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta
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