Tripwire Reviews Unbound’s Reel Love

Tripwire Reviews Unbound’s Reel Love

The Reel Thing

Tripwire’s contributing writer Tim Cundle takes a look at Unbound’s Reel Love, out now…

Reel Love
Writer/Artist: Owen Michael Johnson
Letterer: Colin Bell

The first time is a key marker in this book. The combination of adrenaline and excitement that it elicits is consuming, and can take you to places that you never dreamt of. And Reel Love is the story of one man’s life-long obsession and the part it plays in his rise, his fall from grace and finally his redemption as he finally finds the one thing that brings him happiness. 

As well as being about the transformative power of film and how destiny hinges on specific moments, Reel Love is also a heartfelt discourse. It focuses primarily on the fringes of society, the marginalized figures therein relentlessly buffeted by ebbing relationships and the vicissitudes of modern life.  This is essentially a three act play that explores the protagonist’s quest for redemption. Owen Johnson’s stark, precise, black and white work perfectly illustrates this highly relatable story that gives you a first-person view of the narrative. Johnson seamlessly places you at the heart of the tale, providing a high-octane ride through the psyche of the narrator – you are there with him at every turn. Reel Love is a remarkable, luminous story of self-discovery that reminds you what it’s like to fall in love and how happiness and contentment are often found in the overlooked and the trivial, frequently in the most unexpected places. 

Tim Cundle  

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Reel Love by Owen Michael Johnson
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