UK Cinemas Turn To Film Classics And The Archives To Tempt People Back

UK Cinemas Turn To Film Classics And The Archives To Tempt People Back

The Classics Never Go Out Of Fashion

UK cinemas are reopening in July and to tempt people back in there, they are planning to reissue a lot of classic films. The Hollywood Reporter has the details…

Pandemic-hit cinemas in the U.K. will have their pick of 450 titles dating from the golden age of cinema right up to the modern day when they reopen their doors, which many are expected to do in July.

The expansive film library — billed as a precedent-setting move for the industry and presented by the cross-industry body Cinema First — has been compiled by the Film Distributors’ Association in a document entitled “Relaunching Cinema: Content for Recovery.”

Spanning practically the length and breadth of cinema, the list — split into 25 categories for film programmers — includes all-time classics, award winners, superhero blockbusters, comedies, musicals, documentaries, foreign-language titles, LGBTQ+ fare, horror and more.

Lawrence of Arabia1917Back to the FutureSingin’ in the RainBilly ElliotFour Weddings and a FuneralWithnail and I2001: A Space Odyssey, the entire Harry Potter series and Mad Max: Fury Road are just some of the films on the document, alongside this year’s Oscar winner, Parasite.

“This amazing collection of content represents all that’s great about cinema and should enthrall and delight film lovers the length and breadth of the land,” said Andy Leyshon, chief executive of the Film Distributors’ Association. “Cinemagoing holds such a vital role in society, able to entertain and educate in equal measure, and returning audiences will be able to once again experience the magic of film in its truest form.”

Major British exhibitors have already revealed when they plan to open their doors, with Vue offering a date of 4 July and Cineworld 10 July.

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