Walter Simonson On Ragnarok, Beta Ray Bill, Thor And More

Walter Simonson On Ragnarok, Beta Ray Bill, Thor And More

Legendary Figure

♦ Walter Simonson, who is one of our special guests at new May’s Portsmouth Comic Con, has a career that stretches from Manhunter at DC in the 1970s to Thor at Marvel in the 1980s and currently Ragnarok at IDW. With the latest Artist’s Edition showcasing Simonson’s Beta Ray Bill story in The Mighty Thor and Ragnarok Vol.1 just out in paperback, we thought it would be appropriate to share this chat with Simonson that IDW put up last week…

Simonson began his career in the early 1970s at DC. He first got noticed thanks to his work on the company’s Manhunter, which ran in their flagship book Detective Comics with writer Archie Goodwin. His profile took another turn when he became writer-artist on Marvel’s Thor in 1983, which propelled him to comics superstardom. Over his career he has drawn many of the most iconic superhero characters from both Marvel and DC including Fantastic Four, Batman and Superman. He is also known as a creator who is attracted to the more fantastical subjects and he has drawn Michael Moorcock’s Elric in comic series The Making Of A Sorceror and his own creations The Star Slammers. Over the last few years, he has returned to the Norse gods, a subject very close to his heart, in his series Ragnarok, published by IDW. Now seen as one of the veterans of the comics industry, he continues to evolve and adapt as an artist. He continues to be one of our favourite artists.

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