Watch A New Trailer For Supergirl Season Four

Watch A New Trailer For Supergirl Season Four

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Supergirl season four starts on the CW next month and so ahead of that, here’s a new trailer for it from WeGotThisCovered…

Supergirl season four starts on 14 October. Here’s the plot points from the Arrow wikia for the new season:

  • There will be a crossover with The Flash and Arrow. The crossover will introduce Batwoman and Gotham City.
  • Journalism is going to be a big part of the season.
  • The theme of the season is, “What Is Stronger: Hope or Fear?”
  • The Red Son-ish cliffhanger from the Season 3 finale will become a big centerpiece in the latter part of the season.
  • This season, socially, Brainiac will butt heads with a couple people.
  • Mehcad Brooks hinted that there will be “fallout” from James choosing to unmask himself as Guardian last season.
  • What will the characters make of Kate Kane aka Batwoman, in this December’s Arrowverse crossover? “I think Alex might really like her,” EP Sarah Schechter surmised with a smile. “I think strong women like each other, and strong women support each other. They definitely have very different ways of behaving in the world, but I think, ultimately, they’ll agree that women should be in charge.”

New characters

  • Nia Nal: A confident, wunderkind of a fashionista. Once a political speechwriter, Nia is the newest addition to the CatCo investigative reporting team. With her she brings sparkling wit and biting humor but under that banter-y, chic facade, lays a soulful young woman who has much to offer the world. She is also Transgender.
  • Ben/Agent Liberty: A businessman whose success has burned down to the ground. Blaming others for his failure and not having his back, he is now making it his life goal to correct those wrongs. Be careful of his dangerous ability to persuade people as he has no problem using that as a method to accomplish his goals. Deeply evil — founder of Children of Liberty, an anti-alien hate group dedicated to establishing humans as the superior race. According to the show’s producers, he conceals his vile nature “in the guise of a family man,” making it all the more difficult to take him down.
  • Colonel Haley: Her actions make it clear that she is someone you don’t want to mess with, without her having to say a word. She is loyal to her commanding officer as well as her country by making sure she puts its best interest ahead of her own.
  • Manchester Black: He’s the type of guy who brings a knife to a gunfight and still walks away the winner. With a dark past, he easily deflects the brutality of his mission with his charm and sense of humour.


  1. Manchester Black? This is going to be interesting


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