World War Hulk Premium Edition Reviewed

World War Hulk Premium Edition Reviewed

Global Domination?

♦ Tripwire’s editor-in-chief JOEL MEADOWS took a look at Panini Publishing’s hardcover World War Hulk Premium Edition, out now…

World War Hulk Premium Edition
Writers: Greg Pak, Peter David
Artists: John Romita Jr with Klaus Janson and various
Panini Publishing

With Thor: Ragnarok, which is loosely based on Planet Hulk, out in cinemas now, it is not surprising that Marvel/ Panini have decided to put out a new hardcover collecting World War Hulk, the epic that directly followed Planet Hulk. Panini have done a great job with the hardcover format and World War Hulk looks and feels like a hefty volume. But there is a problem here: Planet Hulk felt fresh as a story but World War Hulk, which acts as a postscript to that tale, seeing The Hulk return to Earth to get his revenge on those people he believes have wronged him, is basically just a giant punchup.

Romita Jr and Janson’s art does look suitably dramatic here in the hardback format and Greg Pak does understand the character and his place in the Marvel universe. But it isn’t as engaging or as interesting as its progenitor.

Panini have included some rather nifty extras including an interview with Greg Pak about creating the story and a little history of the legendary creators who worked on the Hulk back in the Silver Age.

If you enjoyed Planet Hulk, then you will definitely find something here. But it doesn’t quite have the panache or pizazz of that epic.

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World War Hulk by Greg Pak, Peter David, John Romita Jr & Klaus Janson and various
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