Jim Mahfood Played A Major Role In Creating Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse

Jim Mahfood Played A Major Role In Creating Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse

Drawing From Many Sources

Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse is a new animated film which is already getting a lot of buzz with a sequel already planned. Comic artist and illustrator Jim Mahfood did a lot of work on the film and he chatted to newspaper Kansas City Star about his contribution to the film…

Mahfood spent much of his earlier career working in comics for publishers like Oni Press and Marvel. He admitted that he was drawing on a lot of different influences in his chat with the newspaper: “I’m taking influences from American comic books, graffiti art, anime and psychedelic ’60s imagery, then meshing them into my own aesthetic…I’m really trying to do something different that looks very kinetic and energized.”

He revealed that his role on Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse was quite different from his usual film work: “I usually get hired on at the very beginning stage to go crazy and draw the weirdest stuff I can…Then the people from the studio take bits and pieces from what I’m doing and incorporate it into final designs. But my style’s so weird — so bugged out — that I’m never used as a final character designer.”

He has had a very varied career, working in comics, animation and commercials. He never imagined that his career would lead him to something like this, he revealed to The Kansas City Star: 

I grew up reading all the Marvel stuff. I still love superhero comics, even though what I write and draw is not that sensibility at all…My career has led me into these weird areas I never would have predicted. I love the unpredictability of it.”

To read the entire chat with Mahfood, visit here https://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/movies-news-reviews/article222557935.html

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