The Phoenix’s Editor Tom Fickling On Reaching Its Fifth Anniversary

The Phoenix’s Editor Tom Fickling On Reaching Its Fifth Anniversary

Celebrating Five Years Of Creating Quality British Kids Comics

♦The Phoenix, the British kids comics anthology, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and so Tripwire spoke to its editor, Tom Fickling, about hitting this milestone and what is next…

Editor of The Phoenix Tom Fickling

TW: How does it feel reaching your fifth anniversary?

Amazing and surreal. Still a lot of hard work to do before comics are cemented at the heart of children’s lives again but we’re getting there!

TW: The Phoenix came out of the ashes of the DFC. How different is The Phoenix to The DFC?

I think it’s a more refined version of the same idea. But the concept is identical. And what we;re aiming for is identical. I think with The Phoenix the range of stories and the balance of the comic is better. Though we are always trying to improve this.

TW: Why do you think the Phoenix has lasted five years?

A lot of hard work from a lot of people, at the core we have a consistently fantastic group of creators and some very patient and amazing investors.

TW:  The fact that The Phoenix is still being published and is flourishing is proof that the British comics market can accommodate more than just 2000AD and licensed titles. Are there any plans to spin off the Phoenix into any other periodical format titles at any point?

We already publish The Phoenix presents series of books that bind up comics we have already published. But to more directly answer your question about other preriodical titles… watch this space…

TW: What do you have coming up in The Phoenix over the next few months?

Loads of great stuff! This week in issue 272 an incredible How to Think Like An Artist weekly feature from Lorenzo Etherington begins, the next series of Kate Brown and Neill Cameron’s Tamsin is coming up later this year and we’re delighted that there’s going to be a LOAD of Mega Robo Bros!

TW: You are continuing to publish graphic novels that reprint material from The Phoenix. How do you see this fitting it with the weekly comic?

They complement each other and are a great way to spread the content to new markets and readers. Even readers who have had The Phoenix for years like to own the books too. We will be pushing on and expanding the series and also starting to publish a few other interesting things.

TW: When we last spoke, you informed us that some Phoenix titles are being distributed to the US through Scholastic. Is this still the case and are there any plans to expand this arrangement?

Yup! The first books came out this year and are getting great reviews and more are in the pipeline. We have more plans for the US but nothing we can announce now! But very exciting times ahead.

8) What are the plans for The Phoenix after its fifth anniversary?

To keep trying to publish great comic stories from brilliant creators and to keep growing!

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