The Writing on the Wall: Mike Carey on the end of The Unwritten

The Writing on the Wall: Mike Carey on the end of The Unwritten

After five years, 71 issues and one original graphic novel, Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s acclaimed The Unwritten series for Vertigo ended earlier this year. On Saturday night, at Orbital Comics in Covent Garden, Mike Carey presented his director’s commentary, where he took an audience through the last issue of the series, The Unwritten: Apocalypse #12, explaining the processes used to create the issue and also shedding light on his reasons to use certain characters in the series. The Unwritten was a great comic and this evening, the latest in an occasional series at Orbital, was intriguing with Carey holding the audience throughout with the aid of artist and co-creator Peter Gross’s pencils and layouts. The idea of a Director’s Commentary for a comic is a very inventive idea and the evening gave the viewer a glimpse into the world that Carey and Gross have created.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Orbital website as they’ll be putting the audio up from the evening soon

Orbital Comics

Unwritten Volume 11 TP

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