White Canary Speaks

White Canary Speaks

The Future is Looking Good for Caity Lotz

♦Our friends over at imdb.com just interviewed Caity Lotz aka Sara Lance/ White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow...

IMDb: You’ve been in a very dark storyline for a while on “Arrow.” Tell me what was like to bring Sara into an entirely new context on “Legends”?

Caity Lotz: It was a little confusing, actually, at first, because the first two episodes are kind of different for Sara than all the other episodes. When I first got the script, I was like, “Wait, where are we going with the character? This is just a totally different direction, or what?” And they were like “No, no, no. It’s still the same Sara. We want to keep it that way.” So there was a little figuring out for me, but I really get moving more into the season, especially Episode 3. There’s some really cool Sara stuff.

IMDb: How closely do you want to hold onto Sara’s darker qualities?

One of my favorite things about Sara is how complicated she is, and I think that comes from the darkness of the torn, tortured-soul part of her. She’s very hard on herself, and she doesn’t really accept herself or accept her past, because she doesn’t look back on things and go, “Well, that’s made me who I am today. So, it’s all worth it.” She looks back at it and regrets it and would do anything not to have had to go through what she had to go through and become who she became. I think she didn’t like who it turned her into.

IMDb: But she may be able to move past all that?

On Legends, having a purpose, something to use her talent and skills and put that towards something, would make it all worthwhile, to explain why she went through everything she had to go through. And that acceptance would bring along a peace to her. So, I would like to see her evolve, but I like the darkness and the tortured soul of her.

IMDb: Her romantic life has been complicated … and diverse. What can you predict for her on this show?

She has a love interest, sort-of fling for an episode. That’s fun. With a girl. But I think, especially, this season is not about Sara finding love. Sara needs to find Sara: to figure out who she is and deal with her own demons. She’s not out there looking for the love of her life. She needs find herself first.

What does the title of White Canary mean to you?

IMDb: I think Laurel, her sister, says it best. She says, “You’ve been in the shadows long enough. It’s time to be a hero in the light.” And I think for her, being a White Canary is the hope of stepping out of the darkness of her heart and dealing with the bloodlust and becoming a presence of light. Bringing goodness and being a hero, ad not hiding behind a mask and a wig. Just being able to be who she is and putting herself out there and consciously trying to make the right choices.


Legends of Tomorrow www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk



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