Joshua Dysart Teases New Graphic Novel From New Publisher TKO

Joshua Dysart Teases New Graphic Novel From New Publisher TKO

Not Such A Paradise?

Joshua Dysart has just teased a new graphic novel project written by him and drawn by Alberto Ponticelli to be published by a new company, TKO at some point next year…

Goodnigtht Paradise TKO news

Here’s what Dysart had to say about the project on his own Facebook page

TKO has released pages from our upcoming mini-series, GOODNIGHT PARADISE.

The story of a houseless man in rapidly tech-gentrifying Venice Beach and the dead runaway he finds one night while looking through the trash for something to eat.

With temp rentals, like Air BnB, and corporate housing dismantling the only community he knows, he comes to realize that nobody cares about dead, thrown-away, literally, kids.

Nobody but him.

But can he solve a murder while in the middle of an alcoholic fueled mental illness haze?

No release date yet. However, the book is done and printed. We’re publishing alongside three other great books. All with fantastic creative teams, including Garth Ennis, Steve Epting, Artyom Trakhanov, Dan McDaid, Daniela Miwa, & Tze Chun.

The team for GOODNIGHT PARADISE is me on scripts. Alberto Ponticelli on art. Giulia Brusco on colors, Steve Wands on letters, Sebastian Girner on editing, and Jared K. Fletcher on design, and Spanish Consultant, Juan Haro

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