Graphic Novel Review: Batman: Gothic

Graphic Novel Review: Batman: Gothic

Batman: Gothic
by Grant Morrison & Klaus JansonBatman-Gothic-hardcover-cover-scan

This hardcover reprints the five issue story from Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight 6-10, first published back in 1990. Despite the fact that it is an early entry in the ubiquitous and talented Mr Morrison’s oeuvre, it still holds up pretty well. Mr Whisper, the man without a shadow, was killed twenty years ago in Gotham City by a group of gangsters but somehow he has returned to seek his revenge on those who murdered him and on the city in the general. Gothic appropriately enough has a suitably supernatural tinge to proceedings, but Morrison is assisted by the classic old school comic art of Klaus Janson, so the action barrels along at a nice pace and Janson brings Gotham City to life with rare style and panache. There is a clever twist
here which connects Bruce Wayne with Mr Whisper and Gothic is definitely one of the better Batman tales published in the 1990s. Morrison became more accomplished at tackling the Darkknight Detective but this is a very enjoyable supernatural adventure story told with flair and skill…


Batman: Gothic Deluxe Edition HC

Batman Arkham Asylum 25th Anniversary TP

The original covers are pretty cool – so thanks to the original scanners, here they are…








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