DK III: The Master Race Book Four Review

DK III: The Master Race Book Four Review

Lack of Fighting Spirit

Tripwire’s editor-in-chief reviews the fourth book of Miller and Co’s DK III: The Master Race

DKIII: The Master Race Book Four

Writers: Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello

Artists: Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson; Frank Miller

Colourists: Brad Anderson, Alex Sinclair

Letterer: Clem Robins

DC Comics

We are now at the halfway point, four issues into DC’s Great Dark Hope and undoubtedly the most pimped and pumped comic series since The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Here we see Superman pitted against the Kryptonians and his daughter Lara, while Bruce Wayne sits in the sidelines waiting. Kubert and Janson’s art is serviceable as it has been the last three issues and the script is solid enough thanks to Azzarello’s contribution. Kubert has enough of his late dad in him to tell a story with style and panache and Janson does bring an extra sheen to proceedings. The mini comic featuring Bat-Girl and drawn by Frank Miller is ugly and inconsistent. It seems that mostly his former eye for dramatic page construction and composition has temporarily left him.There has been talk recently that the colouring of Miller’s work may have had a detrimental effect on the reproduction of his drawings but if the original images are very flawed, then no amount of appropriate colouring will save them.


It is entirely possible that the eight books may read better when they are collected in a single volume at some point but each issue feels rather forced and flimsy, as if they are telling a story that could have worked better at half the length.At this rate, the series won’t end until Christmas as they have well and truly fallen off the monthly schedule, bringing these out every couple of months. It is still a slick, professional enterprise but if that sounds like I am damning it with faint praise, you wouldn’t be a million miles from the truth. Miller used to be a genuinely kinetic and exciting comics creator but DKIII just treads water.



DKIII minicomic#4


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