DK III: The Master Race Book Three Review

DK III: The Master Race Book Three Review

Knight For Action?

Tripwire’s editor-in-chief reviews the third book of Miller and Co’s DK III: The Master Race

DKIII: The Master Race Book Three

Writers: Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello

Artists: Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson; John Romita Jr & Frank Miller

Colourists: Brad Anderson, Alex Sinclair

Letterer: Clem Robins

DC Comics

We are now three issues into arguably the most hyped comic series since The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Already slipping off its monthly schedule, Book Two moves the story along at a fairly glacial pace. The evil Kryptonians from Kandor have begun to wreak havoc on Earth, perhaps Bruce Wayne isn’t quite as dead as he seemed before and so Batman with Carrie Kelley make their way to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic to wake the sleeping Man of Steel to help them battle the Kandorian escapees. The return of a hibernating Superman is quite well-handled and it ends with Batman and Superman facing off against Superman and Wonder Woman’s daughter Kara. The mini-comic features Green Lantern, with art laid out by John Romita Jr and finished by Frank Miller, with him battling three Kandorian women. The real problem here is that while it isn’t a bad story per se, it seems a flimsy one to drag out for another five issues. The art in the main story flows well with Kubert and Janson continuing to be a very decent match. Romita Jr and Miller’s contribution to the mini-comic work less consistently with the odd panel showing the sort of flourishes that Miller used to be able to do in his sleep but much of it is ugly and ungainly. The reader is left with the same feeling they got at the end of the previous two issues. It isn’t as horrible as Dark Knight Strikes Again but it lacks the power of Dark Knight Returns. It will need to shift up a gear to warrant its high-end format and pre-series hype. Currently, it is inoffensive but pretty unmemorable stuff. We shall see if the creative team is able to pull this off in Book Four.





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