Mark Kermode Reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mark Kermode Reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Spoiler: He Really Likes It…

♦ Britain’s greatest living reviewer brings his wit and insight to SW:TLJ. Enjoy….

  1. Mark Kermode is brilliant – in that he always loves the worst movies and hates the best.

    Unlike a stopped clock he is more like an inverted compass in being 180 degrees away from the truth.

    Marks overwhelmingly dawning verdict of the utterly appalling Last Jedi only serves to prove his unerring incompetence as a movie reviewer, but his unerring accuracy as the inverse barometer of enjoyment.

    Keep telling us which movies are great Mark! And we’ll keep avoiding them.

    Thanks for accidentally helping movie goers all these years by pricing what not to watch!

  2. So, Mike…you say TLJ is “utterly appalling” yet you also thank Mark Kermode for saying it’s really good so you know to avoid watching it. Uhhhh….what?

  3. Mike is clearly a total willing authoritative thorough reviewer.

  4. mobile phone auto-spell does not work when you’re drunk.

    P.S. Mark Kermode dumb, Last Jedi awful.


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