Ragnarok Last God Standing Review

Ragnarok Last God Standing Review

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Ragnarok Last God Standing

Writer/ Artist: Walter Simonson

Colours: Laura Martin

Letters: John Workman

IDW Publishing


ragnarok-hardcover-scanWalter Simonson is a true original. Despite the fact that he has been working in comics since the early seventies, coming to prominence with DC’s Manhunter, his ardour and talent have not abated one bit. Perhaps a good analogy would be with Joe Kubert, whose work seemed to improve the older he got. Simonson spent a number of years working on Marvel’s Thor series in the eighties and he has made no secret of his obsession with Norse mythology, so Ragnarok, a creator-owned book set after the death of the gods, shows off his passion for the subject. But Ragnarok is no dry treatise on the Elder Edda. Rather it is a dynamic and exciting high fantasy tale of Thor, the sole survivor of Ragnarok making his way in a mythic world where the old gods no longer hold sway. Simonson continues to be one of the best storytellers in the business and action scenes fly by with the practised ease of a true master and with the assistance of colourist Laura Martin and letterer John Workman, Simonson has created a work of modern fantasy that distills the Norse legends to their essence. Thor here is not the human version created by Lee and Kirby for Marvel but a dark god bent on avenging his fallen comrades. Supporting characters Black Elf assassin Regn and daughter Drifa add an almost Moorcock-like feel to preceedings. IDW have done a very nice job of collecting it all into a hardcover and with only one miniseries out so far, Simonson has already shown why he can boast over five decades as one of the most well-regarded creators in comics. Like Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, Simonson will be producing a miniseries a year for the next few years and Ragnarok is a worthy addition to the growing list of top quality series. Anyone with a love of myths, high fantasy and quality comics storytelling should add this to their Christmas present list.



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