5 Comic Books Inspired by Online Games

5 Comic Books Inspired by Online Games

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Tripwire looks at 5 comic books that have been inspired by online games…

Tomb Raider is one of the most popular crossover titles on the market today

Ever since video and online games began emerging, they’ve been inextricably linked to the world of comics. Comic artists were drawn to the sort of technologies and characters they had dreamed up in their sci-fi narratives for so long and wanted to influence these new virtual worlds. Similarly, video game developers imagined how they could bring their favorite comic characters and franchises to life on a computer screen.

These days the synergies are everywhere, whether it is yet another Marvel-inspired console game or a mobile action-title borrowing tropes from the comic book genre within its design.

Now the trend has come full circle, with many comic series being developed to satiate the demand from avid gamers, who wish to see their online avatars re-imagined on paper. Here are some of the best gaming-inspired comic books flooding the shelves of comic book shops in all four corners of the globe.

Tomb Raider

Ever since Angelina Jolie pulled on her tight-fitting Lara Croft costume, instantly fulfilling the fantasies of every video game player that ever lived, the clamor to build further media around this iconic character has been unrelenting.

It comes as no surprise that a comic book series is out there, dreamed up by the good people at Dark Horse Comics.

In the series, Lara is taken to a whole host of familiar settings, although there are also some curveballs pitched in there as well, such as a visit to Chernobyl.

Comics and video games have similar fan bases, so working together across the two industries has never been a problem


Do not worry, we are well aware that the comics came long before the video game. But what makes X-Men appear on this list is one of its character’s penchants for the game of poker.

Throughout the comic series, Remy Etienne LeBeau, aka Gambit, loves a flutter or two, even using playing cards as deadly weapons to quash his enemies.

He’s not the only X-Men character partial to a spot of cards, with Wolverine regularly pitting his wits against rivals throughout the comic book series.

Who knows if this is the reason why some poker game variations adapt comic-esque characteristics, enabling players to take a swing at one another in order to earn a comic-style KO graphic and a reward to boot.

The Last of Us

With the second installment of this PlayStation title already garnering rave reviews for not just its playability, but also its suspense and beautifully written storyline, and it should come as no surprise that The Last of Us exists in comic form.

The whole series can be bought as part of a beautifully realized box set, which faithfully chronicles Ellie’s incredible fight for survival. This really is a must-have for anyone serious about comics or video games.

Gears of War

When Wildstorm decided they would go about creating a series based on one of the greatest third-person shooters ever made, they realized it was important that they stayed as true as possible to the original.

A few years on from the first volume, and the series still going great guns, it seems like they hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to creating the perfect video game/comic adaptation.

Assassin’s Creed

With sumptuous settings and a protagonist as stealthy as they come, Assassin’s Creed was always going to be ripe for a publisher to run with a comic series, and so that’s exactly what Titan Books did.

It was in fact a French publisher who initially created the comic series before Titan bought the English rights and made their own re-imagining of the games.

Not to be outdone, DC Comics also released a comic series based on the game, focusing on Nikolai Orelov who goes on the hunt for a missing artifact. This is truly one of the most fascinating video game adaptations you can get your hands on.

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