Dan Fogler Previews Heavy Metal’s Fishkill#4

Dan Fogler Previews Heavy Metal’s Fishkill#4

A Complex Relationship

Heavy Metal’s Fishkill#4 by Dan Fogler and Ben Templesmith is out this Wednesday and here’s a fun preview and small commentary from its writer Fogler and a few pages previewed…

In these pages we have a glimpse of secret underground police bases beneath NYC ready to induce martial LAW at a moment’s notice.

We get a feel for the prophetic through line that is hauntingly pervasive throughout the story.

And we get a taste of the complex relationships between Father and son, with Bart and Andi the central characters, and Bart’s relationship to his past and how the Mind control chains put in place to control him are beginning to unravel. it’s surreal, Funny , psychedelic, and freaky all at once. 

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