Welcome to the Park: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jurassic Park (A Jurassic World Feature)

Welcome to the Park: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jurassic Park (A Jurassic World Feature)

jurassic-parkWith Jurassic World out this week, fourteen years after Jurassic Park 3, here’s Tripwire’s handy guide to 10 things you never knew about Spielberg and Co’s prehistoric Hollywood blockbuster series…


1) The T-rex from Jurassic Park occasionally malfunctioned, due to the rain. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recalls, “The T. Rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. We’d be, like, eating lunch, and all of a sudden a T-Rex would come alive. At first we didn’t know what was happening, and then we realized it was the rain. You’d hear people start screaming.”


2) When Hurricane Iniki hit where they were shooting Jurassic Park, the cast and crew were all required to move into the ballroom of the hotel they were staying in. Richard Attenborough, who played John Hammond, the character who created the park, however, stayed in his hotel room and slept through the entire event. When asked how he could possibly have done this, Attenborough replied, “My dear boy, I survived the blitz!”


3) The Tyrannosaurus’ roars were a combination of dog, penguin, tiger, alligator, and elephant sounds.


4) Jurassic Park was Richard Attenborough’s first acting role for 15 years


the-lost-world-jurassic-park-2-movie-poster-1996-10201987545) In Jurassic Park: The Lost World, The man that is eaten by the T-Rex next to the video store (in San Diego) is David Koepp, one of the writers of the film. He is credited as “Unlucky Bastard”.


6) The Lost World shares its name with Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel of the same name written in 1912, set in the Amazon basin where prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs still survive


7) Julianne Moore (Sarah Harding in the film) admitted that she did this film to pay off a divorce settlement.


8) The Spinosaurus for Jurassic Park III was the largest animatronic ever built. It weighed an amazing 12 tons and was operated by hydraulics. This allowed it to operate while it was totally submerged in water.


A70-124879) The original script for Jurassic Park III was about a group of teenagers trapped on the island.


10) Stellan Skarsgard, Steve Buscemi and Tony Shalhoub were considered for the role of Cooper, which eventually went to John Diehl.

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