Heavy Metal’s VIRUS imprint Announces the release of New Graphic Novel Mundo Diablo

Heavy Metal’s VIRUS imprint Announces the release of New Graphic Novel Mundo Diablo

On The Side Of The Devils And The Angels

Heavy Metal’s VIRUS imprint is proud to announce the release of MUNDO DIABLO #1, which is available now for purchase through the VIRUS shop at heavymetal.com. The title is a spin-off of the hit series for Netflix called Diablero, which is based on the international prose bestseller El Diablo Me Obligó.  This is the first official US release for the title…

MUNDO DIABLO imagines a world where the Spanish Conquerors who arrived on our continent didn’t just bring their swords and gunpowder, they also brought their demons and armed angels. The Naguals, powerful sorcerers of the New World, fought against the forces of Saint Michael and the invaders. Those Naguals who hunt angels were called Angeleros and those who hunt demons, Diableros. These are the stories of Elvis Infante, the most famous Diablero of all.

“A quasi noir setting where angels, demons, and in general Judeo-Christian mythology combined with pre-Hispanic creatures such as the powerful naguals, sorcerers who can adopt the form of animals,” says co-writer Homero Rios. He adds “Mundo Diablo is a very good example of the scope of the Latin American magical realism and what it has to offer for the contemporary reader.”

“Mundo Diablo is a broad look at the literary and cinematographic universe of Diablero, where new stories are explored through the art of the best Mexican comic artists in the industry,” adds creator and co-writer Francisco Haghenbeck.

“MUNDO DIABLO is a major acquisition for VIRUS, and we’re thrilled to kick off a relationship with this extraordinary creative team,” says Matthew Medney, CEO. “Fans who have fallen in love with this story through Diablero on Netflix will surely be delighted to read the gripping material H.G. and Homero have created in comic form.”

MUNDO DIABLO #1 can be purchase now at www.heavymetal.com

Writer: F.G. Haghenbeck & Homero Rios

Artist: Various

Volume Number: 1

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Format: 6.625 X 10.18, 56pp, Full Color, Softcover

Retail Price: $7.99

About The Creators:

Francisco Haghenbeck

F.G. Haghenbeck is a novelist and a comic creator. His books have been translated in more than 21 countries, being one of the living Mexican authors with the most publications outside the country. His books include La Libreta Perdida de Frida Kahlo, Trago Amargo and El Diablo Me Obligó, which was brought to television in the Netflix series Diablero.

Homero Rios

Homero Rios is a Mexican comic writer with work published by Heavy Metal, Revista Cthulhu (Spain) and Telemundo (Login and Logout TV Show).

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